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A free, community based digital zine focused on the Remedy Entertainment
video game franchises of Alan Wake and Control.

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CURRENT STATUS: Second Check In - May 20, 2024.

Past Issues

FBC Zine
The first Control fanzine which focused on the Federal Bureau of Control and its characters.
Download PDF Here

Image of the cover of the FBC Zine - A Control Fanzine from 2023.


This page will be updated with more information about the zine as it moves forward through each phase. If you have any questions please refer to our FAQ and Guidelines section or ask us a question on Tumblr or Twitter. This schedule will be finalized after the Interest Check results.
Deadlines are according to PST (Pacific Standard Time).

Interest Check OpensNovember 20, 2023
Interest Check ClosedDecember 29, 2023
Interest Check ResultsJanuary 4, 2024
Contributor ApplicationsJanuary 22, 2024
Contributor Applications CloseFebruary 26, 2024
Contributor Application ResultsMarch 11, 2024
First Check In - 25% CompleteApril 15, 2024
Second Check In - 50% CompleteMay 20, 2024
Third Check In - 75% CompleteJuly 15, 2024
Final SubmissionAugust 26, 2024
Zine PublishedSeptember 23, 2024


What is a zine?
A zine is a collection of fanworks published as a fan project in a magazine-like format.
What is the Remedy Connected Universe
The Remedy Connected Universe involves the worlds of Alan Wake (I, II) and Control (2019). For the purposes of this zine, we will only be focusing on the crossover between these two games alone.
What is the zine's theme?
In contrast to our previous zine, this zine will feature characters and scenes from the franchises of Alan Wake and Control. We are interested in pitches involving characters unraveling mysteries and investigating the world. We will not be accepting pitches featuring scenes from within the Oldest House. As the title of the zine states, anything with either version of the Oceanview is welcome.
Is this zine digital or physical?
This zine will be available for free in digital format.
Why is this a digital-only zine and not a physical one?
By providing a free, digital zine, those who would not have otherwise been able to afford a physical zine can still enjoy curated, collaborative fanworks created by fans in a polished collection.
Will this zine be Safe For Work (SFW)?
The Oceanview Guestbook zine will be safe for work.
What age do you have to be to participate?
Since the games are rated Mature, all participants must be 18 years or older.
Do I have to have prior experience in a zine to contribute?
No previous experience is required, just enthusiasm and a willingness to create!
Can I apply for more than one position?
Yes, but if you apply for both artist and writer, you will only be accepted for one of the two. The cover artist and any spot illustrators can also apply as Page Artists.
How many contributors will be accepted?
We do not have specific limits for either role, with the exception being the cover artist.
Will the zine have guest contributors?
All interested applicants must apply. The mods will not be reaching out to anyone specifically.
What will be expected of me as a contributor?
Contributors will be expected to produce at least one, new piece of content for the zine. Please see our guidelines for specific information.
Will contributors be compensated?
No, this zine is purely non-profit and is not affiliated with Remedy Entertainment.
Is shipping related content allowed?
Yes, all pairings between adult characters are allowed except for Jesse/Dylan or Ilmo/Jaakko.
Is general content (such as genfic) allowed?
Of course! We would like to create a zine with a well-rounded display of content.
What about original characters?
Original characters (OCs) are allowed, with one caveat: because this is a zine focused on the Remedy universe, all submissions must involve canonical characters from Alan Wake or Control. Ultimately, if you have an idea involving OCs, the mods will review it on a case-by-case basis.
Are AUs allowed?
In short, no. However, canon divergent AUs are acceptable, such as "No Hiss Invasion" AUs. If you’re uncertain about your potential idea, the mods will review it on a case-by-case basis.
The mods will be assessing content on a case-by-case basis. If you have specific questions about these guidelines or would like to run your idea with us in advance, please contact us.I have a question that wasn't listed.
Please reach out on our Tumblr or Twitter! Our asks and DMs are always open! If you have neither, feel free to email us at [email protected].



General Requirements
All contributors must be 18 years or older before applying.
All linked portfolios must be accessible (if you are using a Google Drive link, please set permissions to “Anyone with the link”).
If possible, please provide at least one sample of a Remedy Connected Universe piece.
AI generated content is not welcome.
For Artists
Please submit two samples of your own artwork.
We recommend one sample featuring a full background.
If applying for the role of a spot illustrator, please provide at least one spot art sample.
For Writers
Please submit two Safe For Work (SFW) samples of your work under 2,500 words. These may be excerpts from longer pieces.


General Requirements
All contributors will be expected to abide by the zine’s schedule. Any requests for deadline extensions must be submitted prior to the deadline’s date.
Discord will be the primary mode of communication for the zine. Mods expect contributors to be responsive.
Lack of timely communication at any point during the zine’s creation may result in a contributor’s removal from the zine.
All zine submissions will receive feedback through three check-ins in order for all pieces to align with the zine’s themes and guidelines.
Contributors must not share any WIPs or screenshots with those outside the zine at any time throughout this zine’s creation.
All contributors retain the rights to their submissions, but we ask that completed works not be posted publicly until after the official release of the zine.
Artist Deliverables
Page Artists will produce one new, original RCU fanwork in portrait orientation. All files must not have a watermark. Artist signatures are allowed however.
Traditional art is welcome as long as it’s scanned in high quality, at least 300 dpi or higher.
Spot Illustrators will produce 3 to 5 images to be used throughout both zines. The number of expected spot illustrations may be adjusted depending upon the amount of contributors.
Each Cover Artist will be responsible for creating both the front/back cover of their respective zine, as well as the inner front/back covers.
Writing Deliverables
Writers will write no more than 2,500 words of original, new content per zine. Previously published works will not be accepted as submissions.
Pieces can be traditional fanfiction stories or written in the style of Control’s lore documents.
Writers will work in collaboration with the writing mod throughout the zine’s creation process. The writing mod will read and edit pieces to polish syntax structure and grammar. The overall content of the piece will receive feedback and may require revision throughout each stage.

Admin Team

FBC Badge for Admin Zath.

Hello, I’m Zath. I’m a graphic designer, gamer, and content editor who immediately loves any character voiced by James McCaffery. When I’m not hosting fanzines, I enjoy creating review videos and writing. As a Control and Alan Wake fan, I love this universe so much, and I’m excited to be leading another zine for these games. I can’t wait to see where our contributors will take these beloved characters this time!
Zine Experience

Hey, I’m Wendy! I am an original fiction and fanfiction author who’s been writing for nearly two decades (thankfully not from the Dark Place). I’m eager to get started on a new project for this universe and can’t wait to meet another team of contributors!
Zine Experience

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